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What is Shiatsu Shin Tai?

A variety of techniques such as subtle pounding, stretching, rocking, and manipulation are used during a shiatsu session. Pressure may also be applied by use of the forearms, elbows, palms, feet, and knees. Breathing cues are used to increase the effectiveness of a particular movement. 

After a shiatsu treatment the recipient may feel lighter, more balanced, and enjoy a sense of calmness. The body functions more smoothly and a person feels revitalized. Often, sleep is deeper and more revitalized. Often, sleep is deeper and more restful. Symptoms such as headaches, backaches, stiffness, and fatigue are relieved, while clarity ad quickness of thinking tend to improve.

Conditions related to reproductive problems, structural misalignments, and emotional difficulties often improve with shiatsu as it assists the body's primary systems and functions in reestablishing their normal rate of balance and activity.

Shiatsu, traditionally translated, means finger or thumb pressure.

Applying pressure to the body in this manner affects various responses and changes in the body's functions.

Shiatsu Shin Tai is a comprehensive, precise, and effective bodywork therapy. It expands on traditional Shiatsu massage to create an evolutionary system of diagnosis and technique that stimulates the flow of life force in the body.

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Relax, re-balance, revive. 

Decompress naturally with Shiatsu.


Treatments are done with recipient fully clothed. Comfortable, loose fitting clothing is best. Please bring a clean pair of socks to wear.

What to Expect

Deb Bernheiser, an experienced Shiatsu Practitioner, brings you Shiatsu Shin Tai, a Japanese massage technique that assists the body's primary systems and functions in reestablishing their normal rate of balance and activity. 


Shiatsu Initial Appointment......70

Shiatsu Follow Up Appointments.....60

What to Wear?

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