Class Descriptions

All Types of Yoga for All Types of People

Hot Bikram and Beginner Friendly Hot Bikram - A one hour Bikram Class - all 26 postures in sweaty heat - 106+ degrees with 40% humidity! We do each pose one time, with savasana inbetween.

Hot Bikram & Flow - A twist on the one hour Bikram Class focused on an upper body workout! Still all 26 postures, 13 standing, 13 seated, but enjoy vinyasas inbetween the floor postures! Vinyasas are always optional.

Restore and Revive - 1/2 Vinyasa, 1/2 Restorative. Everything you could possibly want in a class!

Restorative & Meditation - Get into a meditative state with this restorative class. Use props, blankets and blocks to stretch the body and relax the mind.

Chakra Vinyasa w/Elemental Breathwork - Balance your chakras through movement! Movement of the body is a great way to balance your energy - we work our way from the root through the crown chakra, ending this moderate vinyasa class with Elemental Breathwork, which can cause feelings of heightened connection and peace.

Gentle/Yoga for EveryBody - new to yoga, or looking for a low impact class? This class is for you! With no impact to joints, and a smooth transition from chair to standing to the floor, this class is perfect to strengthen, become more flexible, and work on balance. Ends with a comfy, supported savasana, and the sounds of crystal healing bowls.

Hot Alignment Based Yoga - Formerly called Anusaura Yoga, this vinyasa style yoga focuses on the alignment of the body in poses.

Ashtanga Yoga - This style of yoga incorporates sun salutations and postures from the primary series. Hot or room temperature - all levels welcome!