Tula Yoga Center FAQ:

What is a good class if I am a beginning yoga practitioner?

If you are interested in the Bikram series, the Beginner Friendly Hot 26 is great for starting. This class is on Sunday afternoon.

If you would prefer a non-heated class, the Gentle Yoga on Wednesday morning is perfect for beginning.

Keep in mind that any class that you are interested in attending can be modified in any way for your level of practice. Just mention to the person leading the class that you are new! Remember - we all started sometime - and we want you to be successful and love yoga! :)

What should I wear for Hot Yoga?

Our yoga classes are 106 degrees and 40 percent humidity, so it is a very sweaty class. It is best to wear spandex material, as cotton can stick to your skin and may become distracting. Some people prefer shorts, some people prefer yoga pants. Tank tops are usually best, opposed to tee shirts, if you are comfortable. 

What should I bring to Yoga?

You can bring your yoga mat, water, and a towel. However, if you don't have any of these things, please don't let that keep you from coming to class, as we can provide all of these things for you! We also have blocks, straps, and blankets, and anything else you might need.


Acupuncture FAQ

What should I wear for Acupuncture?

Wear comfortable, loose clothing. If you are coming from work, you can bring clothing to change into!