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Therapeutic - Deep Tissue - Ashiatsu - Reflexology - Pregnancy - Himalayan Salt Stone - Kansa Wand - Scalp Massage - Foot Massage - Sinus Treatment - Cupping


Ashi is known as the barefoot massage, getting it's name from the root words Ashi, which means "foot", and Atsu, which means "pressure" in Japanese.  By using overhead bars for gravitational assistance and balance, to glide over muscles, using their feet as hands— working deeper tissue, moving more fascia, causing no irritating pain from a bony elbow or forearm. After all, our feet are the “hands that touch the earth."  The therapist uses their feet and body weight to give you a relaxing and deeper pressured massage.  The barefoot massage technique uses deep compression effleurage strokes that glide over the body to stimulate relaxation.  It also combines a push pull pumping effect that is done with the feet to provide a deep pressure that has long lasting effects on the body.

Ashiatsu is said to be the deepest most luxurious massage out there.  Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, founded by Ruthie Hardee, was derived from several Barefoot modalities around the world, including Chavutti Thirummal in India; It was born from the need to work deeper tissue & gain more results for clients without causing pain to the client or therapist. In creating Ashiatsu, Ruthie has given a great gift to the world of massage therapy benefiting both client & therapist. Therapeutic massage skillfully performed with the foot is kryptonite for scar tissue and chronic muscle pain that festers. It covers greater body surface while kneading the musculature efficiently and effectively. Years of suffering ends so the body can finally self-correct.


Aromatherapy/Raindrop Therapy

Developed by Gary Young and the Lakota Indians, inspired by the energies of the Northern Lights, this amazing treatment incorporates the added medicinal benefits of essential oils. 90 drops of rain like healing applied with specific techniques through the energy body into the physical.  This treatment will leave you on cloud nine never wanting to return home to planet earth!

Reflexology is an application for the hands and feet that stimulate zones or lines within the body in order to activate all the organs, glands, and energies of the body.  The scientific manipulation of vital centers in the hands and feet stimulate and amplify changes in the internal environment

Therapeutic Massage

Designed for sore tired bodies, this massage concentrates on targeting specific areas of pain, trigger points, and injuries.  This massage is more muscle specific than the relaxation massage.

Relaxation Massage

This dreamy relaxation light touch massage is designed for those that are stressed out and are ready to relax and let the world drift away.

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Feel the energy of 250 million year old mineral salt as you enjoy a gentle, relieving, warming massage with crystal salt stones! The Himalayan Salt Stone Massage is an innovative healing technique using warm salt crystal stones to ground and balance the body's electromagnetic field, the nervous system, and meridians. Salt Stones gently soothe away the accumulation of stress, tension, and toxins. 


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