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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training! 

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We are a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School, which means our curriculum is approved by the Yoga Alliance. After your graduation, you can register with the Yoga Alliance, as a 200 hour Yoga Teacher! Watch this short video to learn more about the benefits of becoming a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher!

Gain confidence, skill, and practice with our comprehensive 200 hour Teacher Training. 

  • Start anytime, with our 12 month rolling enrollment period

  • One year of training ensures that you have the knowledge you need

  • Includes one year of unlimited yoga at Tula Yoga Center

  • 22 hours of one-on-one and small group teaching, leading up to teaching experience under your belt before you graduate!

  • Learn the Hot Yoga sequence, Vinyasa/Ashtanga yoga, Gentle Yoga, Restorative, and Special Circumstances.

  • Adjust with confidence!

  • Learn Sanskrit and its translation for different postures.

  • Graduate with a fully formed business plan - designed to keep you on track for your own personal yoga teaching success!

  • Pay Monthly - all the books you need are provided each month, and are also included in your tuition!




Our Curriculum:

  • Ashtanga/Vinyasa Sequencing

  • Teaching the Hot Yoga Sequence

  • Gentle Yoga Education/Class Structure

  • Hatha Yoga Education

  • Teaching all Levels of Students

  • Accessible Yoga Education

  • Chair Yoga/Corporate Yoga Education

  • Sanskrit

  • Adjusting and Assisting

  • Charkas and Yogic Energy

  • Singing Bowls/Sound Bath

  • Ethics for Yoga Teachers

  • Traditional Texts

  • Special Circumstances

  • Themes

  • Private Lessons

  • Understanding Mantra

  • Elemental Breathwork experiences

And much much more!

Lead Trainers:

Sue Siegrist, MBA, eRYT200

I love to learn, and I love to teach. Throughout my whole professional career, I have been dedicated to one thing - helping people to excel and reach their goals. My beginnings in yoga teaching started at a gym, and I have since taught in many different environments, including corporate, studios, and retirement homes. My intention is to create a place where yoga is accessible to all, and learning is fun, safe, and enlightening - while also supporting your personal learning journey.

rofessional Education
Master of Business Administration in Leadership Walden University                              2008 – 2010
Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing Temple University/Walden University            2006 – 2008
Webmaster Certification Penn State University                                                            2001 – 2002
Yoga Instructor Program Yogalife Institute                                                                  2008 – 2009

Additional Training/Certifications
Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training w/David Swenson                                                    2017
Svaroopa Yoga Foundations Teacher Training                                                              2012
Pennsylvania Center for Intuitive Studies  reiki level 1,2,&Master                                     2009-2017
Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT & eRYT200)                                          2009 - present
Kwan Sai Hung Healing qigong                                                                                 2009
Eastern Arts Holistic Health Academy kung fu training                                                 2006 – 2009
Paulie Zink Yin Yoga Teacher Training Workshops                                                       2007, 2011
NETA Certification group exercise and vinyasa yoga                                                     2006 – 2009

Professional Experience:

Director of Yoga and Meditation, Tula Yoga Center                                                        2015 - Present

Managing Partner, The Restorative Center                                                                     2016-Present

Corporate Banking  Sovereign Bank/Banco Santander                                                      2002-2015

  • Mid-Atlantic Training Facilitator

  • Corporate Communications

  • Rewards and Recognition Manager

  • Customer Service

Faculty, University of Phoenix                                                                                       2009-2015



Sophia Bonifante, RYT200


Anatomy and Physiology Expert & Teacher - Deb Bernheiser, LMT 


Flexible Pricing is Available!

Cost includes 12 months of weekend intensives, 22 private/semi private lessons, all of your books and supplies, and a yearly unlimited pass for Tula Yoga Center!

$2630 if paid in full by your start date
$682.50  - Four payments made quarterly
$236 Monthly for 12 months

The Training

Tula Yoga Teacher Training consists of:

Weekend Intensives: 156 hours

Yoga Classes: 20 hours

Privates/Teaching: 22 hours

Day of Mindfulness: 6 hours

Total Hours: 204 Hours



Yoga Teacher Training Weekly Intensives meet every second weekend of the month. You will be required to meet with one of the lead teacher for additional hours to practice teaching one on one. You will be required to meet with one of the lead teachers plus additional participants, either of your choosing, or the teacher’s choosing to practice teaching to multiple people. You must practice teaching each of the styles of yoga taught, although you may concentrate on one style of yoga throughout the year. Our intentions are to make you the most confident and proficient teacher that you can be, so you are as successful as possible! J

There will be times when you cannot make the weekend class. When this happens, you can:

·        Schedule time with the trainers to complete the topics covered during the week

·        Continue your training for an additional month

You will be required to complete 20 hours of yoga classes at Tula Yoga. We hope that you will join us for as many classes that you can during your training year. To encourage your practice, one year of unlimited yoga is included in your tuition.

Our Teacher Training also requires one six hour Day of Mindfulness, which occurs every quarter at Tula Yoga Center. This event is co-hosted by Sue Siegrist and Craig Schollenberger, who is a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. More information is available about Craig Schollenberger and his mindfulness meditation training at: www.craigschollenberger.com.

The Tula Yoga Syllabus has been approved by the Yoga Alliance, and provides information that has been determined to be the most important for education, including Teaching and Practicing Yoga, learning Yoga Ethics/Lifestyle, Teaching Methodology, Anatomy and Physiology, and Practicum. Each module of our syllabus has been carefully crafted to be interesting and to bring value to your teaching.


Our Tula Yoga Teacher Training Objectives:

Overall Objective 1

After completing this teacher training, participants will have a basic idea of how to teach several styles of yoga classes. This teacher training is very experiential, which means that participants will have taught several classes before they graduate, beginning with a single person (a trainer), moving on to a class of three,(with one trainer), and finally ending up with a full class  (including one trainer). This gives the teacher trainee the experience of teaching with a safety net, leading to increased confidence.

Overall Objective II

After completing teacher training, the trainee will have an idea of their teaching style, types of classes they would like to teach, their philosophy and mission statement, and a basic idea of how to start on their teaching journey. Much like a start up business, the trainee will take time to plot out the success of their yoga journey.


Overall Objective III

After completing this teacher training, participants will have an understanding of how to modify classes to include all participants, including but not limited to those who have been injured or have minimal range of motion. This entire track stresses the importance of  the teacher and their awareness of techniques that foster an inclusive environment for all participants.


To receive certification to teach from Tula Yoga Center, you must:

·        Complete 200 hours of training from Tula Yoga Center.

·        Demonstrate Proficiency teaching yoga.

·        Understand the ethical responsibilities of teaching yoga.


When you enroll in Tula Yoga Teaching Program, you will receive:

Tula Yoga Teacher Training Manual

This manual will provide all of the information that is presented each month. Each month before class, you will receive a packet of information that we will be covering for the current month’s Weekend Intensive.


A Notebook

This notebook is for taking notes! Please take as many notes as possible. There is always something that you will jot down now that will be of value later on.


Leader Trainer Contact Information:

Find our cards in your binder. Please call or text us if you have questions.


Books for Learning:

All books that we cover in class are provided to you, included in your tuition.